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How to Take Control of Your Eating and Exercise Habits: A Client Success Story

Do you feel like you are just constantly juggling to manage your time, keep up with work demands, make time for friends and family and that it’s keeping you from feeling and ultimately being your best?

Christa’s Success Story

Last year I had the pleasure of working with Christa, who transformed her relationship with nutrition and physical activity in just a few months. What was most inspiring over the course of our sessions was to see how this busy, accomplished professional with many demands on her time (a Harvard Law grad, Christa is a professor and consultant on anti-trafficking, women and children-at-risk AND is a devoted wife and mother) was able to take control of her health and fitness to look and feel better.

So how did we do it?

Once we identified the areas of health and wellness that were most important to Christa, we created a customized action plan with challenging but realistic targets with nutrition, exercise and work/life balance. To her credit, Christa stayed 100% committed to the process and tracked her efforts and progress daily. We then devised (and revised) strategies on how to keep her moving towards reaching her goals during our weekly 1-on-1 sessions. The end result was simply awesome so I asked her to share her experience working with me as her health coach.

Here is Christa’s story:

“Before I started meeting with Rosie, my eating habits were out of control and I had stopped exercising for more than a year. I was also unhappy with my work habits and in need of a way to find time for neglected tasks in an over-busy schedule.

When I started working with Rosie, she helped me to define my overall goals and also tangible targets each week to get there. They were doable, and helped me to break down big goals in a way that helped me to realize small successes almost immediately. This helped me have even more motivation to tackle the big goals.

Meeting weekly with Rosie was so encouraging – even if I didn’t meet my weekly targets perfectly she helped me figure out what did work in order to improve next time. Being accountable to her through daily email reports also gave me motivation not to cheat, and also gave me the chance to celebrate daily successes.

Rosie helped me to develop life-long habits for long-term success. At one point I had to stop meeting with Rosie because of other obligations. I did well with the targets that we had set before the break. However, after a couple of weeks I failed to set new targets, and slowly my bad habits of eating poorly and not exercising took over. Before knowing Rosie that would have begun a slippery slope to weeks and months and years of failing to meet daily targets and giving up on my ultimate goals. However, this time the setback was only temporary. Once I was willing to set a new target, it was unbelievably easy to return to the practical, positive habits that Rosie had helped me to learn and master.

Working with Rosie one-on-one is amazing and helped me to jump-start my success in a way I never thought possible. While I wish I could continue meeting with her forever, it’s great to have proven experience that her method can help me live successfully over the long haul.”

The Takeaway Tips to Get on Track:

  1. Identify what health and wellness areas are a priority
  2. Create a personal plan with actionable steps
  3. Stay accountable (to a Coach, friend, family member or yourself)

Doing these 3 things will lead to pretty impressive results in just a few months time. And regular weekly sessions and check-ins really do work.

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