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“Rosie is a refreshingly engaging speaker, I highly recommend booking her! 

“It’s clear that she has a strong understanding of the struggles that many executives faced coming from a corporate HR background. She also has a lot of experience with practical fitness and nutrition strategies that were useful to me and my colleagues. I really appreciated the way she challenged my perceptions of limitations posed by the world around me, and offered solutions that I hadn’t or couldn’t see.”

-Elisabeth Shawn

“Rosie holds a deep well of expertise in behaviour change that she shares with audiences in an engaging, relevant and motivational manner.

While wellbeing is a popular topic these days, Rosie is particularly inspiring because she boils down the science into practical bites that are easy to chew on and digest.”

-Dr. Ellen Choi

Clients I’ve Worked With:

Cambridge Group of Clubs

Rosie is an international speaker and workshop facilitator.

As an accountability coach with 15 years of experience in training, nutrition, yoga and fitness, she has helped hundreds of clients lose weight, perform better and maintain a balanced lifestyle.

Her expertise is in creating and implementing a systematic approach to making lasting change.

Rosie specializes in helping busy executives improve and sustain their healthy fitness, nutrition and wellness habits.

Corporate Program

Corporate Program

Topics Covered

  • Optimizing your Wellbeing for Improved Focus and Productivity ★ Most Popular
  • Eating Strategies for the Impossibly Busy Professional ★ Most Popular
  • Delivered Virtually: How to Improve Your Productivity as a Remote Worker ★ Most Popular
  • Mindfulness and Stress Management Practices for Driven Executives and Entrepreneurs
  • How to Stay Accountable (The best tools and apps to help keep you on track)
  • Sleep: Why it matters to your performance & How to Improve it
  • Top 5 Yoga and Mobility Stretches for the “Desktop Warrior”

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Rosie Moore

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