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“Before I started meeting with Rosie, my eating habits were out of control and I had stopped exercising for more than a year. I was also unhappy with my work habits and in need of a way to find time for neglected tasks in an over-busy schedule. 

Weekly coaching with Rosie was so encouraging – even if I didn’t meet my weekly targets perfectly she helped me figure out what did work in order to improve next time. Being accountable to her through daily online reports also gave me motivation not to cheat, and also gave me the chance to celebrate daily successes.

Working with Rosie one-on-one is amazing..while I wish I could continue meeting with her forever, it’s great to have proven experience that her method can help me live successfully over the long haul.”



“I’d recommend Rosie for people, particularly men like me, who need fitness and nutrition ideas from an engaged coach. It’s been my experience that Rosie finds the perfect mix of fitness training and nutrition, supported by a regular cadence of calls & messages. She took pride in my success. She’s helped me get back to a place of comfort about how I feel, eat and look.

I became a client of Rosie’s in early spring 2019 at age 46. Simply put, I was mid-40s not feeling motivated for the activities I used to do to keep fit and never changed bad eating habits. The changes to my body and mind were hard to ignore.

Rosie laid out a fitness plan to achieve the goals I set; healthier lifestyle with a touch of vanity (guest at a beach wedding). Her programs fit my frequent travel schedule and then a pivot to pandemic-ready home workouts with few equipment options. For breaking old & established eating habits, Rosie asked probing questions, without judgment, about why I made the choices I made. She followed up with thoughtful and easy to manage changes that didn’t take the fun out of eating. The most critical element to Rosie’s service was accountability. My success was in large part because of the frequent messages and weekly check-point calls. It’s the element that I needed to see it through.”

-John H

John Hastings

“If you get a chance to work with Rosie – DO IT!

…She has an awesome positive energy and helped make sure I followed through on my plan!

Rosie’s availability and feedback, checking in regularly made a big impact. What I really liked about her coaching approach was her positive energy and excited-ness! It was really a positive part of my week.

I was motivated to work with an online coach because I was needing more accountability and follow through help with my health goals. I knew what to do but have trouble following through long term.Whether virtual sessions would be effective and/or worth it, the cost for virtual sessions

My mindset is better and I have more confidence in my ability to follow through. Feel stronger in my arms and legs. I definitely feel more comfortable with weight training.”

-Dianna K.

“This has been a wonderful coaching experience with Rosie that I can say is life-changing. Rosie is a fantastic online nutrition coach. And she really lives up to her title as an Accountability Coach.

I now have new perspectives on how to approach fitness and nutrition and I know with her guidance, I can continue to improve many areas of my life. And I have noticed an obvious increase in my overall energy level.

What I really appreciate about Rosie is that she is a great listener – she can understand subtle tells and messages to identify issues.

Once issues are identified, she tactfully facilitates finding solutions to barriers with a combination of helping the exploration of my own path forward and suggesting changes to my daily routines/habits and she does it in a supportive, motivating, and non-judgmental manner.

I am also now more mindful of the impact of choices of food and physical activities. I have a much-improved body and mind connection.

I am still working on achieving my goal weight but I am very happy and proud of how far along I’ve come – already at 10-pound lost in a healthy way which is great!”



“Rosie reintroduced fitness and nutrition to me in a manageable and fun way. 

She is a true professional, she understands how to help you with a customized and accountable plan to integrate into a busy lifestyle. 

…I have 3 kids and a demanding career so when I say busy, I mean it!

To be honest, I was initially hesitant to get an accountability coach (how could I hide my candy addiction :)), however working with Rosie to get back in shape has been much easier than I thought. She was there to keep me accountable and her approach to health, fitness and nutrition is achievable. 

If you need a coach to keep you on track and to get the results you want, Rosie is 100% right for you.”


“Working with Rosie is excellent. It’s worth it!

She really is an awesome accountability coach. I had tried men’s weight watchers and noom but nothing ever stuck. I had weighed the heaviest I’d ever weighed. And I knew I needed someone to help me figure out both my nutrition and exercise.

Since I began working with her, I’ve lost and kept off the weight, over 30lbs! I now look forward to working out 5-6 days a week, I’m constantly hitting PRs in the gym and I even enjoy cooking with vegetables!

At my last check up, my doctor was so impressed with my numbers, he asked what I was doing .I told him about the eating, workout and lifestyle changes I had made over the past few months and he just encouraged me to keep working with Rosie!

-Chris M

Chris M

“Before I started working with Rosie, I was in a bad habit of working late, eating/ drinking out at restaurants after work as a “reward,” and exercising when it felt convenient.

Now, exercise and eating well (aka meal prep) is my first priority, and everything else comes after. It’s easier for me to say “no” to unhealthy foods and too much alcohol because I know how it makes my body feel the next day, and how it will affect my workouts. I’ve gained a lot of confidence in my new found physical strength and, subsequently, mental strength. I feel generally more upbeat, have more energy, and look forward to my workouts and yummy home made meals!

I was motivated to look for an accountability coach because I needed support. I was at a point in my life where I was supporting everyone around me, and the self-check-ins I used to do had fallen by the wayside. I needed a reboot and knew I would succeed more with the support of someone I trust.

It’s scary to be held accountable! I knew that, once I made the commitment, there was no turning back- I had to follow through with what I said I wanted for my life. I knew there would be no more room for excuses because I had someone to check in with and keep it real!

So far, the best part of this experience has been my weekly check in calls with Rosie. Having that facetime with her has been validating in a way that you cannot replicate any other way. Rosie asks me to reflect on the past week- what went well, what didn’t go so well- and that reflection is so healthy for my self-awareness and growth. It was so much more than what I would get if I went with a generic online nutrition coach and plan. I always leave the call feeling lighter and proud of my progress to date.

Rosie is one of the most empathetic and grounded people I have ever met. She was meant to do this work. She creates a safe space for reflection, and helps me work on my weaknesses without judgment. She truly leads by example by living a well- balanced lifestyle, but also knows how to keep it real. Consistent work with Rosie has done wonders for my self esteem and, in turn, my health.

If you get a chance to get on her client calendar – do it! Anyone looking to create a holistic life and just needs a little support would benefit greatly from Rosie’s guidance.”



“Being accountable to yourself — that may seem so simple. But time and time again, other things in life may seem more critical at the time and take precedence since it is easier to say “no” or “later” to yourself. Trust me, it’s worth it as you must prioritize yourself before anyone else to be able to care for others.

Rosie definitely delivers on her title as an accountability coach — her suggestions are so relatable and easy to incorporate into your daily routine that they become a habit in no time. For example, something as easy as using the “screen time” limits in the iPhone app has successfully helped me minimize my mindless scrolling on social media!

Also by having her as my personal “cheerleader” in this fitness journey has ingrained in me that my day feels incomplete without doing a workout!”

-Jessica C.

“I was motivated to work with Rosie because got sick of feeling crappy – I wasn’t fit or healthy and my body was falling apart at 30!

I was getting migraines all the time, my neck, shoulders and back were always sore and was out of breath doing light physical activity.

Rosie understood this and showed me all the right ways to make slow and steady adjustments to my diet which would be sustainable for the rest of my life. 

We worked on a steady integration of exercise into my life so that it would be something that I could continue on my own but wouldn’t be a crazy shock to my body/lifestyle.

And now? I haven’t had a migraine in a year! 

In addition to working out, I NEED and truly enjoy my daily morning and night routine of yoga & stretching – as soon as I skip it, I really start to feel it but, unlike last year, it’s a quick fix now. 


I feel stronger, more flexible, generally healthier and lighter than I ever have before.  I sleep better and I’m happier too 

 Working with Rosie is an easy choice!”

-Denise W


“Rosie is the BEST.

I’m feeling strong and have never looked better. Rosie has seriously changed the way I think about food and exercise.

Work with her! Our FaceTime coaching calls a always the highlight of my week!

And never thought I’d say this but I actually love eating veggies now – and get full off of them.

Thanks so much!!!”


Elisa C.

“Rosie is an effective coach accountability coach. I haven’t felt this good in over a decade. Not only did I lose close to 30 pounds in just over 6 months, I feel stronger and more in control of my eating choices.

I had worked with another online nutrition coach in the past but what I liked about Rosie was the customization. She didn’t come out and dictate to me what I needed to do – instead we worked to determine what works for me. And knowing that she was checking up on me, reviewing what I ate and when I moved – it helped me build new habits.

Get on her client list. If you’re serious about making long term change, the cost and time commitment are well worth the investment!

-James L

“I have had great success working with Rosie!

She has been the best investment I’ve made in my long-term health and fitness. I have been on every diet and bought every kind of book and journal there is to help me start a fitness plan and my weight still fluctuated 10-20 lbs up and down at least once per year.  I even gained weight training for a marathon. 

Honestly, since I’ve started working with Rosie, lifting weights and doing more body weight movements (like push ups), I’m thinner, and more solid and compact than I’ve been in years (muscles!), without restricting my diet.  

Even though I’ve only lost a few pounds, I’ve lost many inches and even my tightest clothes all fit!

The program Rosie set me up on is definitely specific to my goals, I really appreciated her personalized approach. And of course, I can get very lazy and procrastinate, so I needed and LOVED  the weekly calls for accountability and the check ins. 

When I think about all the money I’ve spent on Weight Watchers, bad gym memberships and terrible personal trainers, plus all those books (and DVDs and videos in the day)… I feel great that I invested in finding an expert who could help me make changes that fit my lifestyle.

The advice I’d give anyone who is considering working with an accountability coach is this: Instead of doing everything half-in and on the cheap, make a solid investment and stick with it. And Rosie will make sure you do, she’s an accountability expert!

-Vana M

“For years I have battled with my weight watching it go up and down from different diets I had tried. I felt like I really didn’t know where to turn to get long term success and felt like there is so much noise in the health and wellness area I didn’t really know where to start.

Rosie is such a calm, motivating person. The weekly calls are the best part. They really help you to take a moment and reflect on the week ahead and prepare for the upcoming challenges.

Don’t hesitate whether you think you’re a healthy eater already or someone like me just starting your healthy and wellness journey, sign up! Seeing your food diary in photos and the expert feedback from Rosie is a real insight.
I feel like now I know how to set up proper meals for the week on my own and I know how to prep myself better to handle challenging social situations where there will be lots of food temptations.”


“Working with Rosie gave me the accountability and encouragement I needed to reach my health and fitness goals in just three months!

I was feeling discouraged by my inconsistent eating and exercise habits and wasn’t as confident as I’d wanted to feel leading up to my wedding.  By gradually introducing small actions and intentions specific to my lifestyle, she helped me improve my energy, mindset, and consistency around healthy eating and exercise. 

You won’t regret reaching out to Rosie. 

She is incredibly warm, supportive, and knowledgeable when it comes to identifying and achieving your goals. I highly recommend working with her!


I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Rosie to anyone looking for an accountability coach. The best money I ever spent on myself!

I enjoyed our weekly 1-on-1s and the weekly checklists. The weekly check-ins helped me to stay on track and remind me of my long-term goals. The checklists took care of the short-term goals making me feel ‘accomplished’ each week.

Before reaching out to her, the cost and the 6-month commitment were my initial hesitations. But in the end after our discovery call I decided to invest in myself and I don’t regret it one bit. I decided I am worthy of that investment and getting some help I needed to become the best version of myself.”


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