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Success Through Collaborative Coaching (client testimonials)

We love success stories! 

Through the collaborative coaching process, I work hand-in-hand with my clients to help them achieve their health and wellness goals. 

You won’t find any cookie-cutter programs or insane detox diets here! Just real, sustainable results. Just ask my clients!

Here’s the shortlist of what they are saying:

“I travel a lot for work and it was important for me to find someone who was very flexible. Such a relief to have heard about coaching Rosie – meant I could continue to keep up with my commitments and work around them, she helped me in gradually making changes as they fit my schedule.”  

  • Rachel M, Founder RM Media and Management – Chicago

“Rosie cares and keeps me accountable, knowing that we in it together really kept me on track. She has an amazing of way of making you feel non judged yet at the same time she keeps you honest – if I were left to try to lose weight myself I’d be back to my lazy slacking ways in a week.”

  • Sue M, Owner Successful You Inc. – New York

“It was fantastic value for money, there is no cookie-cutter program, to get this kind of attention at my local gym I’d be paying 3 times as much – thanks so much!”

  • Louise S, Auditor – Chicago

“At first I wasn’t sure about working with someone purely online – best decision I ever made! Working with Rosie cut out my excuses.

I lost 10lbs in 3 months and I didn’t have to kill myself or stop eating real food to do it. And it’s been easy to maintain this weight! I look better, am stronger and have way more energy – feel like my old self again!”

  • Stephanie J, Dublin

Booked our dream bucket list trip to Europe realized it was going to be demanding – lots of walking and hiking – wanted to look good and have energy to enjoy the whole trip.  My son suggested getting an online coach.

It’s great to work with someone who gets it. Rosie has a way of pulling it out my head – some anxiety around my time, work, fitness habits taking – and making me accountable.

Having a real person there making sure I keep executing – that’s been the struggle for me, sticking with anything for longer than a couple weeks. You kind of get it all, a personal trainer, a thai yoga instructor, nutrition specialist and health coach. Everything.

  • Joseph S.,  New York

She is the best at getting you back on track – since my kids are more grown, I finally had more time for myself but I didn’t know where to start – I can tell you now, start by working with Rosie.

  • Ben M.,  Vancouver

6 months leading up to our wedding I got outta control. dropped the ball. Wanted to look good for our honeymoon. So relieved to be back on track and I know I’ll look great on the big day! I have already recommended friends to do this program with you, absolutely – brilliant!

  • Sarah L, Professional Mom and Home-based business owner, California

Rosie is the BEST. Always the highlight of my week! I’m feeling strong and have never looked better. And never thought I’d say this but I love eating salad – and get full off off it. Rosie has seriously changed the way I think about food and exercise

  • Joy B., Sales Manager – Toronto

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